Preacher (S04E07) “Messiahs”

Preacher is ever changing, the closer to the end we get. Tulip and Cassidy must bring redemption to their fallen friend. Any means necessary.

Preacher (S04E05) “Bleak City”

Joyous reunions aren't enough to stop the inevitable. Not in Preacher. The Apocalypse is coming, they may not be able to stop it. Will they die trying?

Preacher (S04E03) “Deviant”

The world of Preacher keeps viewers on their toes. We get a good look at why Cassidy, is the way he is. While Tulip deals with a few of her own demons.

Preacher (S03E07) “Hilter”

Preacher, where secrets have deadly consequences and everyone is trying to kill each other. Just another day in Angelville.