Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"

ver - Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"
The return of Nick St. Claire in this episode was unnecessary plot filler but with the way the events played out could this mean a war has been waged between the Lodges and the St.Claires. Despite what Veronica  did being brave it can also be categorized as stupid  after all with the connections the St.Claires… More “Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"”

Gotham: (S02E16) “Prisoners”

Penguin has been settling in with his new family, but the same Julia from The OC is playing the same role: cunning, ruthless and mean! 

His father has a hole in his heart and when he is about to call his lawyer and change his will the wife tried to poison Penguin but instead his father took it and boom he is going to hospital most likely death.… More “Gotham: (S02E16) “Prisoners””