Quantico: (S01E18) ‘Soon’

The usual style Quantico and the usual unanswered questions. However, this week I actually enjoyed the mystery show and found myself paying closer attention.… More

Cancel Series Tournament (#CST)

Cancel Series Tournament (CST) is a tournament launched by TV Series Hub where fans of various different shows nominate series that deserve to be cancelled.… More

Quantico: (S01E15) ‘Turn’

A lot happens in this weeks episode of Quantico. But the important story takes place at Quantico where some huge secrets were revealed.… More

Quantico: (S01E14) ‘Answer’

A lot is revealed in this weeks episode. We learn more about the mysterious identity Caleb took over, how and why Rayna started with the terrorist group, how the bombing affected Simon and how Alex is coping.… More

Quantico: (S01E13) ‘Clear’

This week’s episode was definitely better than last week’s snore fest. A lot was revealed this time and some stories are finally being cleared up.… More