Rectify (S01E03) “Modern Times”

 img 2283 - Rectify (S01E03) "Modern Times" 
Review: this episode actually showed him go out with his brother ride a bike while the sister is remembering her past. 

It was kinda nice with the pace good for the story.More

Impastor (S01E03) “Bird of Pray”

img 2051 - Impastor (S01E03) "Bird of Pray"

Review: the series is going pretty well with the storyline, but of course it needs to try to expand the main plot of the Pastor using the fake identity into more than just the last 10 seconds.More

Impastor (Picked)

 img 2051 - Impastor (Picked) 


  • It is a comedy 
  • 20 minutes every episode
  • Storyline seems funny enough 
  • It has a storyline that continues
  • Imagine being a wanted man and turning to be a pastor? 

Well I hope this comedy continues to be great! 

Check it out and let us know what you think!More