Ballers (S01E10) “Flamingos” (Finale) 

Review: this seemed like the happy endings of all fairy tales better than Disney Movies everyone wins, dude gets hired, another one gets back to a team, another one back from exile and another wins 18m contract.More

Fear The Walking Dead (S01E01) “Pilot” (Premiere) 

Review: this series was different from the original one, I liked the way they decided to not make the “infected” as they are called in here very ugly slow moving creatures rather they made them humans with a little different touch.More

Dark Matter (S01E11)

Review: this episode was to clear out the betrayers from last episode and being a Hollywood series the main character never dies which is why 2 is back. 

The trust is decreasing between every member although they each enjoyed a good conversation with hypoxia. 

I am more excited by next weeks 2 hour finale!More

The O.C. Season 3

Marissa's Death - The O.C. Season 3

Review: (Season) the season was now getting boring with Johnny replacing Oliver but not that mad, Ryan always solving problems for others and Vulchuck creating more problems.More