Better Things (S02E06) “Eulogy”

There comes a point when the lines between fiction and reality blur.  What could be an actor giving a great performance could mirror something going on in real life.  Now I’m not talking about a television show or film pulling or adapting a ‘ripped from the headlines’ scenario, like any episode of Law and Order.  But when the show feels like it has shades of the actor’s personal life, it feels like a more intimate and personable viewing.… More

Better Things (S02E05) "Phil"

Getting old is never fun.
It’s interesting how, despite not having a ton of screen time, Celia Imrie still manages to deliver memorable performances and lines with each scene she’s in on Better Things as Phyllis.  Her retorts are a nice counter to Sam, though admittedly she gets enough of that from her kids.… More