Awkward review so far.

This series seems to be only aiming for happy endings. Everything take a good turn making it boring and more of a very good series for the shippers of Matty & Jenna. But for a plot liked it sucks. 

Arrow review so far.

Arrow unlike The Flash has been having a better plot as usual. The story seems to be continuous but the only problem being too many fantasy addition. It’s like anyone can come back from the dead but thankfully not anymore. More “Arrow review so far.”

The Flash review so far.

Many say that this season was problem and solving. Now that is 80% true but there was a difference this time with the problem solving playing a bigger role. Take for example Wells being back, a little bit of Zoom experience.More “The Flash review so far.”

Empire review so far.

This series went from awesome to mind blowing. With the whole overthrowing of Lucian & the betrayal of Hakim. The baby thing and the whole Cookie situation. 

All these twists were just very unexpected.More “Empire review so far.”