Maniac (S01E10) “Option C”

Annie and Owen must wake up and learn how to live, with all the baggage that comes with life. This is just the beginning.

The Good Place (S03E04) “Chapter 30: The Snowplow”

With Michael and Janet on Earth, they try to guide Eleanor and the gang to the right path. “The Snowplow” was another fantastic episode that brought some amazing character development. As Michael and Janet are back to Earth; they try to be Eleanor and the gang’s snowplow that will guide them on the right path….

Blindspot (S04E01) “Hella Duplicitous”

Blindspot is back with another season & so am I with my review. I am so happy that my favorite show is back. The season premiere of Blindspot didn’t disappoint. It delivered everything and more. Blindspot season 4 deals with the consequences of season 3 finale. Previously on Blindspot, we saw two huge reveals. One…

Chicago Fire (S07E01) “A Closer Eye”

Hi guys, I’m back after being gone for awhile. I’m about to drop 3 reviews, back to back to back. I hope you will enjoy reading them, as much as I did writing them. Well then, let’s get started shall we. The episode starts with the members of firehouse 51. They’re all reminiscing, old memories….

Manifest (S01E03) “Turbulence”

This review contains some major spoilers for the third episode of Manifest entitled Turbulence (as well as some for the other episodes). One Down, 190 To Go Last week’s episode ended with a bang and as they dealt with the fallout of that, Ben (Josh Dallas) feared for the lives of his family while Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh)…