The Gifted (S02E14) “calaMity”

My heart is absolutely broken after this week’s episode. While the series has never shied away from killing characters, this week’s episode set itself apart.… More

Suits (S08E14) “Peas In A Pod”

What to do when your actions can be detrimental to one or good for many? All these questions puzzled Samantha (Heigl), Louis (Hoffman), Alex (Hill) and other characters in 8x14 of Suits.

Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”

Manifesters, are you getting excited for the upcoming finale of #Manifest? It would still be nice if NBC would give us the official renewal status (even though it will come as no surprise that Manifest was coming back next fall) #RenewManifest.More

Suits (S08E13) “The Greater Good”

Stu's trade deal comes back to haunt Harvey and Donna. Meanwhile, as Samantha helps a figure from the past, Katrina and Brian must make tough decisions of their own. Donna moves on further from Harvey.

Supernatural (S14E11) “Damaged Goods”

SPN 0138 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E11) "Damaged Goods"

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“He hugged me.”

I’m just going to jump right into it cause this episode…had me. Emotionally & mentally.   

My Prediction for this episode (I haven’t seen any spoilers):

Dean’s behavior might be a bit off because he’s very concerned about Micheal being let loose.More