Wynonna Earp (S03E04) “No Cure for Crazy”

[SPOILER] This week’s Wynonna Earp reveals the truth behind Mama Earp’s arrest while the gang explores Murder Tree Lane. Bulshar provides a tempting offer to one of the gang.

UnREAL (S04E06) “Tilt”

It’s hard to believe with this much chaotic drama that we aren’t at the finale yet! UnREAL is certainly determined to go out with a bang. Read below for my review of Episode 6, “Tilt”! As always, please beware of spoilers. Everything starts to unravel as the contestants grow wary of Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) manipulations….

Preacher (S03E07) “Hilter”

Preacher, where secrets have deadly consequences and everyone is trying to kill each other. Just another day in Angelville.

Shooter (S03E07) – “Swing Vote”

are you ready bob lee? After all that has happened so far this season, it’s now very personal. Bob Lee (Ryan Phillippe) has been uncovering truths about his father he dreamed of knowing, all to solve his murder. But now they attacked his wife, Julie (Shantel VanSanten) and Sam (David Andrews). It’s pretty clear now…

UnREAL (S04E05) “No Limit”

Hey all! Welcome back. Check below for my review of episode 5″No Limit”! As always beware of spoilers.   This episodes title is certainly fitting, especially when it comes to Rachel (Shiri Appleby). As the season has progressed her actions continue to push the limits of what we thought she was capable of. Even Quinn…

The Bold Type (S02E09) “Trippin”

Hello everyone! After one of the funniest episode we saw this season, seems like we have to talk a liitle about what had happened in our trio’s lifes. You know, sometimes when you need to think something through, you got a few options. First – to be reasonable. Second – to get drunk. Third –…

Suits (S08E03) “Promises, Promises”

Alex (Hill) fights with a shady business man, in order to ensure his promotion. Katrina (Schull) struggles with hers. Harvey (Macht) deals with the loss of Mike.