The CW 2019-2020 Fall TV Lineup

As Upfront Weeks comes to an end, The CW is the final broadcast TV network to announce it’s fall schedule for this fall season.

Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"

ver - Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"
The return of Nick St. Claire in this episode was unnecessary plot filler but with the way the events played out could this mean a war has been waged between the Lodges and the St.Claires. Despite what Veronica  did being brave it can also be categorized as stupid  after all with the connections the St.Claires… More “Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"”

10 shows renewed at CW.

#BlackLightning, #TheFlash, #LegendsofTomorrow, #Arrow, #Supergirl, #JaneTheVirgin, #Dynasty, #Supernatural, #Riverdale & #CrazyExGirlfriend have all been renewed at The CW.

Riverdale (S02E17) "The Noose Tightens"

Riverdale does it again with an amazing episode week after week. Seems like the writers were saving the best story lines for the last episodes. Let me just say I was impressed with this episode as it focused a little more on Cheryl (Madeleine Petsch) and not only that recently in the last few episodes we have been getting screen time of our favorite characters without any being sideline for the whole episode.… More “Riverdale (S02E17) "The Noose Tightens"”