Powerless (S01E08) “Green Furious”

When Emily goes to her first board meeting, she speaks out about her product that’s about to get the ax and gets the latest superhero to sponsor it.

In “Green Furious” Emily gets invited to her first board meeting, but when she speaks up about her product that’s about to get the ax, she tells them that she can get Green Fury to sponsor the product.… More “Powerless (S01E08) “Green Furious””

Powerless (S01E05) “Cold Season”

When Emily sees Teddy’s new invention, she tries to motivate him by entering him in the company’s contest. But motivation isn’t what she got out of him.

When Emily sees that Teddy has a new invention to help during the cold season (a season of when ice power super villains come around and freeze everything), she thinks that it would be a great invention to enter into the Wayne Innovation contest.… More “Powerless (S01E05) “Cold Season””

Powerless: A New Comedy from DC Comics

Coming to NBC Thursdays this February, a new team of heroes helping those from superheroes.

Powerless takes place in the DC Universe and follows the adventures of Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) as the director of Research and Development at Wayne Security (a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that’s run by Bruce Wayne’s cousin), that specializes on products to help ordinary humans who are victims of the battle between superheros and supervillians.… More “Powerless: A New Comedy from DC Comics”