Van Helsing(S03E13) “Birth Ritual”

Well ladies and gentlemen, we did it, another phenomenal season brought to us with a climatic episode that makes it worth all the blood and gore and cringe-worthy moments that happened this season.… More

Van Helsing (S03E09) “Loud Love”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight and it was a good one! We got a lot that had happened in tonight’s episode and we should definitely get to it!… More

Van Helsing (S03E07) “Hunted Down”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight, and I think we can all agree that we have so many questions after seeing tonight’s episode which we will get more in depth about that, but first lets get to this review!… More

Van Helsing (S03E04) “Rusty Cage”

Okay my readers, so we had another great episode brought to us again and boy was it good! Even though we didn’t see our hero Vanessa (Kelly Overton) in this episode we still had quite a fantastic episode, this is a special episode that actually does connect our hero to Vampire Sam in the series which just might connect them even further but it’s hard to say I have a theory about it and I will get to it in a little bit.… More

Van Helsing (S02E13) "Black Days"

So, I gotta say I was not expecting what happened in this season finale to actually happen! To see what happened play out is literally making me declare this season as the best season so far!… More

Van Helsing (S02E09) "Wakey, Wakey"

You know with every episode we the fans get a whole lot of satisfaction, if this series does not get renewed for like hundreds of more seasons I’m pretty sure I will give up on Syfy channel shows after that because this series is the best.… More

Van Helsing (S02E08) "Big Mama"

Alright so with our one week hiatus all of us fans of the series were expecting for a fantastic episode. And I can say that we definitely got what we needed an episode to kick our asses back into high gear to wait every week for another great episode!… More

Van Helsing (S02E06) "Veritas Vincit"

With this episode we had a new character revealed and we also had some jaw dropping discoveries as well. We had a new group revealed within the vampire ranks and this one seems to have some hatred over the other vampires.… More

Van Helsing (S01E12) “He’s Coming”

Tonight’s episode revealed quite a lot about our dear Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) with how he came to meet betraying Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) but I have to admit with this getting closer to the Season Finale its truly getting better and better and have I mentioned how excited I am that it got renewed for a Season 2?… More