The Boys (S01E02) “Cherry”

Hughie will not be able to escape his new "life". The Boys needed another to help them in their valiant quest. Life or Death? It doesn't matter now.

Manifest (S01E02) “Reentry”

This review contains some major spoilers for the second episode of Manifest entitled Reentry (as well as some for the premiere).

The Mystery Deepens


Manifest doubled down on the mystery Monday night as it showed that is it not afraid to get its hands dirty when it comes to taking out their supporting characters.… More “Manifest (S01E02) “Reentry””

9-1-1 (S01E02) “Let Go”

*contains minor spoilers

The opening scene of this episode reminded me of being in line for my first roller-coaster ride. The fear, the anxiety, the absolute terror at hearing those screams, the sweaty palms yet, the total excitement for the adrenaline rush.… More “9-1-1 (S01E02) “Let Go””

The Gifted (S01E02) “rX”

Another week brings another fantastic episode of The Gifted. From unstable powers, to hair dye cleansing showers, there was a little something in it for everyone. We continue to see the struggles that mutants face on a daily basis, as well as how the human characters are adapting to this knowledge.… More “The Gifted (S01E02) “rX””