Erased (S01E02) "Episode 2"

There’s not much to say about episode 2 – it follows the plot (faithfully) and mainly sets up the rest of the season by introducing Satoru’s hometown, his friends, and his mission.… More

The Gifted (S01E02) “rX”

Another week brings another fantastic episode of The Gifted. From unstable powers, to hair dye cleansing showers, there was a little something in it for everyone.… More

Midnight, Texas (S01E02) "Bad Moon Rising"

The episode opens with Manfred and Creek running from…something. We don’t see what it is, but we hear it and see that it has slashed Manfred’s side with a serious set of claws.… More

Taboo (S01E02): “Episode Two”

Taboo’s second episode manages to reveal more while also becoming more complicated. Tom Hardy once again carries the show on his charismatic shoulders as some interesting wrinkles are showing in his carefully crafted tapestry of revenge.… More