The Boys (S01E03) “Get Some”

The Boys add some much-needed help to their ranks. There is a storm brewing, and it's about to hit them in the most violent way possible.

Manifest (S01E03) “Turbulence”

This review contains some major spoilers for the third episode of Manifest entitled Turbulence (as well as some for the other episodes).

One Down, 190 To Go

Last week’s episode ended with a bang and as they dealt with the fallout of that, Ben (Josh Dallas) feared for the lives of his family while Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) faced demons from before she left on Flight 828.More “Manifest (S01E03) “Turbulence””

Erased (S01E03) "Episode 3"

I won’t deny it, I really enjoyed this episode – particularly the latter half.

While the first half was relatively slow, it took important strides in further introducing Kayo’s abusive mother, and nice-guy fifth-grade teacher Gaku Yashiro (who is aware of Kayo’s abuse, and has tried alerting authorities in the past).… More “Erased (S01E03) "Episode 3"”