Westworld (S01E03) "The Stray"

The Stray returned Westworld’s focus to Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Teddy (James Marsden), the first people we met in the park. The episode introduces some intriguing new stories for these characters in addition to revealing more compelling mysteries.… More “Westworld (S01E03) "The Stray"”

Angel from Hell: (S01E03) ‘Go With Your Gut’

Like every episode the ‘Angel’ teaches one lesson. With this one being the don’t think too much and go with your gut which shows you whether it is right or not.

The comedy was evident, and it proves quite an entertaining 20 minutes every week.

Telenovela S01E03: Trapped in a Well

Review: this episode kind of lacked the humour, with accidents happening and it was about guitars and fights which only happens at the end. The comedy is not there at all.

It was just too much trying hard to be funny rather than being funny.