The Spanish Princess (S01E05) “Heart Versus Duty”

After a surprising announcement from King Henry VII in the previous episode.

The fifth episode starts by showing Catherine praying to God, in order to find out if she should accept to marry the king and become Queen of England.… More

Mayans MC (S01E05) “Uch/Opossum”

This episode brings us to the halfway mark of season one. New deals are made and more secrets are revealed. I have to say, I am really worried about Angel (Clayton Cardenas), who seems to keep making bad decisions.… More

Bodyguard (S01E05) – “Episode 5”


The truth is soon to come out

After analysis, the bomb wasn’t in the briefcase. But, activated by a pressure sensor, on which Tahir Mahmood stood on.… More

Requiem (S01E05) "Bessie"

Things are starting to come to a head in this quaint little town. We are given a glimpse at the underground world going on within the community, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to pin point who can and cannot be trusted.… More

The Alienist (S01E05): “Hildebrand’s Starling”

This week’s episode marks the halfway point in the series. The trio of Kreizler, Sara, and Moore is experiencing some tension, the investigation has stalled a little, and some people are beginning to get a little impatient.… More