Erased (S01E06) "Episode 6"

We’re halfway through the season, and a more thrilling second half seems inbound.

Episode 6 resolves Kayo Hinazuki’s part of the story, for now at least. After hearing about the stranger who entered the bus the night before (they look in the bag and find rope, boots, spray, and clothing; indicating that the stranger was the killer), Satoru takes Kayo home with him and asks his mother if she can help – turns out, she’s known all along about their plan, and she’s thrilled to be a part of it.… More “Erased (S01E06) "Episode 6"”

The Handmaid’s Tale: (S01E06) “A Woman’s Place”

This week’s episode brings in people from outside Gilead. It’s a delegation from Mexico, come to negotiate a trade deal. They want to see Gilead and the Gileadians are looking forward to showing it to them, or at least, the parts they consider fit for public consumption, which is why we see the Handmaids scrubbing the wall clean of blood after the bodies have been removed.… More “The Handmaid’s Tale: (S01E06) “A Woman’s Place””

Taboo (S01E06): “Episode Six”


James Delaney (Tom Hardy) has been nearly invincible in Taboo. The few setbacks he has suffered were either part of his plan or quickly resolved. But “Episode Six” seems to be the beginning of the end for Delaney as the East India Company and Sir Strange (Jonathan Pryce) finally got an advantage.… More “Taboo (S01E06): “Episode Six””