Pearson (S01E08) “The Political Wife”

Jessica (Torres) fights to get her assistant's mother out of a detention center. Meanwhile, Keri (Joy Lenz) and the mayor's wife travel together to LA and face each other's role in Novak's (Spector) life.

Fam (S01E08) “Jojo returns”

Hi guys! Welcome to my review of the newest episode of Fam entitled “Jojo returns”.

First of all, I must say that this girl over here thought that Jojo was Jolene, Shannon’s mother.… More

Britannia (S01E08)

The penultimate episode of the series is filled with the kind of political intrigue and magic which we have seen as building up over the course of the episodes, but here we reach its pinnacle- well almost so, it’s like the slight calm before the storm hits in the finale.… More