The Expanse: (S01E09) “Critical Mass”

After watching it for 18 minutes the whole story became clear. How Julie linked to whole story acting as the core element of the whole plot! 
A cop and a whole group who got separated from their ship because they took a distress signal all end up at the same point 8 episodes later investigating and trying to make sure that they are not the ones that get a war started.… More “The Expanse: (S01E09) “Critical Mass””

‘Blood Bonds’ – Supergirl S01E09 was hectic & emotional

Have you ever seen this series where people get to a point of desperation where they decide to use mind tricks and emotions to find a solution? 

Yup that is exactly what happened in the episode, with her Aunt all caught up in jail she gave up a location of ambush but when she gets all riled up and ready to go berserk her friends stop her and then she goes for those emotional moments which were many in this episode.More “‘Blood Bonds’ – Supergirl S01E09 was hectic & emotional”