The Gifted (S01E11) “3 X 1”

This week The Gifted returned to our tv screens after a short break for the holidays, and it certainly seems they writers have saved the best bits for the end of the season. We learn even more about The Stepford Cuckoo’s, though it appears as though they are sticking with three instead of five like in the comics.… More “The Gifted (S01E11) “3 X 1””

Erased (S01E11) "Episode 11"

There is surprisingly little to discuss regarding this episode, but it concludes at the precipice of the final confrontation between Satoru and the killer.

Episode 11 gives us a glimpse at the activities of the camp, and more screen-time for the adorable Kumi, but mainly shows the scheming of Satoru, Sawada, and Kenya, as they try to lure the killer into admitting his crimes.… More “Erased (S01E11) "Episode 11"”

Dark Matter (S01E11)

Review: this episode was to clear out the betrayers from last episode and being a Hollywood series the main character never dies which is why 2 is back. 

The trust is decreasing between every member although they each enjoyed a good conversation with hypoxia. More “Dark Matter (S01E11)”