The Gifted (S01E11) “3 X 1”

This week The Gifted returned to our tv screens after a short break for the holidays, and it certainly seems they writers have saved the best bits for the end of the season.… More

Erased (S01E11) "Episode 11"

There is surprisingly little to discuss regarding this episode, but it concludes at the precipice of the final confrontation between Satoru and the killer.… More

24: Legacy (S01E11): “10:00pm-11:00pm”


A high up government official trying to cover up a questionable operation…

A terrorist with a sympathetic motive…

Eric Carter versus Tony Almeida…

There is some borderline great drama in the eleventh hour of 24: Legacy, some of the best since the show started.… More

MacGyver: (S01E11) “Scissors”


Riley disappears while Bozer was yapping away about his x-mas brisket. He calls in Jack and MacGyver who can’t get a hold of her and find out that it looks like she’s made a run for it.More

Luke Cage (S01E11) "Now You're Mine"

Oh Now You’re Mine…what am I going to do with you?
On one hand, the episode encapsulates all the things that Luke Cage has done right.  There were great performances, action and characterization.  But it also had suffered from the same struggles of the last episode:  Faulty logic.  And they added a disappointing conclusion to the mix.… More

Lucifer (S01E11): “St. Lucifer”

“About Last Night”

Last we left Lucifer he was turning down Chloe’s drunken come ons. But the next morning she’s naked in the Devil’s bed and Lucifer sitting in a chair watching her sleep… but after all his jokes and snark he reveals to Chloe’s immense relief that they did not sleep together.… More

The Magicians: (S01E11) “Remedial Battle Magic”

Continuing their adventure of trying to go to Fillery, they decide to learn how to do some illegal battle magic which Elliot was all in for! 

Margo didn’t take a second to start her one line jokes as they ask Penny how he walked in on them. 

Unfortunately the only person who knows how to do battle magic is Penny’s ex and going for a visit they find out there is a bottle they should take which makes them very emotional.… More

Dark Matter (S01E11)

Review: this episode was to clear out the betrayers from last episode and being a Hollywood series the main character never dies which is why 2 is back. 

The trust is decreasing between every member although they each enjoyed a good conversation with hypoxia. 

I am more excited by next weeks 2 hour finale!More