Fam (S01E12) “Say mess to the dress” & (S01E13) “This is FAM” [Season finale]

Hi there!

After a some weeks hiatus “Fam” returned to its last two episodes of the season. So let’s start talking about them there are a lot of stuff I want to say.

About the 12th episode, “Say mess to the dress” the episode starts with Shannon asking Nick if she can adopt a dog, at what he replies she can’t. … More “Fam (S01E12) “Say mess to the dress” & (S01E13) “This is FAM” [Season finale]”

Supergirl: (S01E12) ‘Bizzaro’

Supergirl is starting to become the one story episode with the last one having a villain this one having another and next one being the spider which she will easily defeat. The main plot is almost non-existent with only Maxwell Lord knowing about them and being caught and boom that was it in the whole 40-42 minutes you watched you knew Supergirl woul win and you just saw a little plot development.… More “Supergirl: (S01E12) ‘Bizzaro’”