Prodigal Son (S01E13) “Wait & Hope”

Prodigal Son continues to push the limits, with another explosive episode, in more ways than one. Vacation is calling, but murder is Malcolm's happy place.

Fam (S01E12) “Say mess to the dress” & (S01E13) “This is FAM” [Season finale]

Hi there!

After a some weeks hiatus “Fam” returned to its last two episodes of the season. So let’s start talking about them there are a lot of stuff I want to say.

About the 12th episode, “Say mess to the dress” the episode starts with Shannon asking Nick if she can adopt a dog, at what he replies she can’t. … More “Fam (S01E12) “Say mess to the dress” & (S01E13) “This is FAM” [Season finale]”