Krypton (S02E01) “Light-Years From Home”

Krypton Season 2 starts with a Kandor ruled by Zod which led to the creation of a resistance by Val-El, Nyssa Vex, and Jax-Ur. Adam returns to Kandor to prevent a horrid future of Earth that he saw, and Seg-El is trapped in the Phantom Zone with Brainiac.

Shadowhunters: (S02E01) “The Guilty Blood”

You don’t choose your family or at least you try no to kill each other, one fondemental rule that this episode tried to remind us whe Jocelyn tried to kill Valentine who let remind you is her ex husband, yes this is a typical divorce in the Shadowhunters world or when a new “director” is put in charge of the institute no one is going to do what they want especially our main characters who has a main goal: Find Jace aka Jonathan and bring him back alive.… More “Shadowhunters: (S02E01) “The Guilty Blood””