Young Sheldon (S02E02) “A Rival prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron”

The matchmaker

This episode of Young Sheldon brings back Dr Sturgis (Wallace Shawn) , Sheldon’s (Iain Armitage) mentor and Meemah’s boyfriend ( Annie Potts). Flashback to when Sheldon started auditing at East Texas Tech,  He became attached to Dr sturgis (Wallace Shawn) so much that he came to the conclusion that Dr sturgis (Wallace Shawn) can be the one to help multiply the number of smart people in the family.

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SIX (S02E02) “Ghosts”

The title for this episode of SIX is aptly named, Ghosts are everywhere and will haunt this team if they don't find a way forward. Bear, in particular, needs to exercise his ghost to be able to lead the team.

Glitch (S02E02) "Two Truths"

Things of a bizarre nature are going down in Yoorana, even more so than usual. This episode leaves you wanting more and wondering if you took a trip down the rabbit hole in the process.

Kate (Emma Booth) finally finds some sense of normalcy in the arms of Owen (Luke Arnold), that moment is quickly dashed when James (Patrick Brammell) finds the two of them in the heat of a very personal moment.… More “Glitch (S02E02) "Two Truths"”

Riverdale (S02E02) "Night hawks"

riverdale season 2 episode 2 betty kevin748444421 - Riverdale (S02E02) "Night hawks"
This episode had a lot of drama quite more than the usual in my opinion which didn’t make it any less enjoyable. The episode began with Jug and Betty walking into Pop’s and seeing it usually empty and by talking to Pop’s they realise people haven’t been coming at all after the shooting and Pop’s business was suffering and he might just have to shut down.… More “Riverdale (S02E02) "Night hawks"”

UnReal: (S02E02) “Insurgent”

Usually second episodes are just made to introduce more stories and make you get to know the season. But here they also added more twists and mind blowing moments.

Quin and Chet got into arguements as to how they should be running the show, and decided to do two versions and the show runner will be the one to choose one.… More “UnReal: (S02E02) “Insurgent””

Stitchers: (S02E02) ‘Hack Me If You Can’

As expected we are going back to the usual one episode story. But this time they have improved their style of presenting it as they added elements which are interesting in between. 

Take for example Camille wanting to learn how to fight, Cameron wanting a bike and then they managed to create an intriguing story of how a hacker manages to play around with everything including the new house we saw Linus take.… More “Stitchers: (S02E02) ‘Hack Me If You Can’”