S.W.A.T (S02E02) “Gasoline Drum”


‘Trained by the DEA’

The episode opens up with a mother frantically searching the house for her daughter. As armed guys show up, she takes her son and leaves.… More

The Gifted (S02E02) “unMoored”

This week’s episode was very character informative. We finally got to see how John (Blair Redford) was brought into The Underground, which felt almost a little Wolverine a lá X-Men (2000).… More

SIX (S02E02) “Ghosts”

The title for this episode of SIX is aptly named, Ghosts are everywhere and will haunt this team if they don't find a way forward. Bear, in particular, needs to exercise his ghost to be able to lead the team.

Legion (S02E02) "Chapter 10"

It doesn’t take long for this episode to bring the viewer to the brink of insanity. They are well versed in the world of oddities and wonders, which makes each episode a piece of organized chaos.… More

The Arrangement (S02E02) “Surface Tension”

thearrangement s2 1920x1080 ddt www imagesplitter net via pinterest mar 12 18 - The Arrangement (S02E02) “Surface Tension”                                                 EDIT: @eonline
We get a little bit of everything in tonight’s episode. There are plenty of anvils dropped. I really enjoyed watching it.… More

Glitch (S02E02) "Two Truths"

Things of a bizarre nature are going down in Yoorana, even more so than usual. This episode leaves you wanting more and wondering if you took a trip down the rabbit hole in the process.… More