SIX (S02E03) “Dua”

Last night's episode was all about enemies, within and without. SIX walks that line between action and drama like very few shows are capable of.

Legion (S02E03) "Chapter 11"

The descent into madness is a constant theme in this show. The lines are continuously blurred between what is real and what is not, resulting in a great piece of television. When the threat escapes, causing the infection of countless Division 3 members, including some of the key players, only David (Dan Stevens) has the power to release them from their inner maze and bring them back to reality.… More “Legion (S02E03) "Chapter 11"”

Ballers: (S02E03) "Elidee"

A continuation of everything we left off. Beginning with Vernon who was hiding at his home after being released from the hospital. 
A very simple tip to all future football players, during vacations don’t do anything which has the word ball in it.… More “Ballers: (S02E03) "Elidee"”