Beyond (S02E04) "Knock Knock"

In this episode,Holden(Burkely Duffield)realises he couldn’t live a normal life anymore and quit his job.Yellow Jacket(Peter Kelamis)killed his mentor,Holden’s mother(Rosy Rosemont)gets closer to Pastor Ian(Chad Willet)and Luke (Jonathan Whitesell)gets into trouble helping Riley(again!)… More “Beyond (S02E04) "Knock Knock"”

Glitch (S02E04) "A Duty of Care"

With a murderer on the loose, tensions are running higher than usual within the group of the risen. James (Patrick Brammall) and William (Rodger Corser) join forces in order to seek out justice and find answers to why Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) was targeted and who could have done such a thing.… More “Glitch (S02E04) "A Duty of Care"”

Ballers: (S02E04) "World of Hurt"

Vernon was not axed – that’s the highlight of the day as the club takes care of their own. With ups and downs he will be playing next season.
Throughout the whole episode Spence was trying to find dirt on Andre, he was also pulled into the bought by the old man who gave them a whole lecture about bringing a new client.… More “Ballers: (S02E04) "World of Hurt"”

Unreal: (S02E04) “Treason”

Things keep on getting bad for Darius as his injury cost him his brother. Almost getting his career and his contracts being a dream only. 

However the winners were Rachel and her new buddy, as they managed to turn a coup or an interference from Quinn in the football game become a win for them.… More “Unreal: (S02E04) “Treason””