S.W.A.T. (S02E04) – “Saving Face”


A cargo thief

US Marshall Wells, Deputy DA Wells soon-to-be ex-husband, enlists the help of Hondo’s squad as back-up to track down Shen Kwon – a fugitive on the Marshall’s Most-Wanted list.… More

The Handmaid’s Tale (S02E04) “Other Women”

Well, I had a vague hope that the pilot at the end of last week’s episode was not going to take her to Canada and the people who dragged her off the plane were actually Mayday operatives saving her, but that was immediately dashed.… More

Legion (S02E04) “Chapter 12”

Every episode brings us closer to the end of the world. This one seems to put the current timeline on pause, bringing us some much needed relief from the chaos that has surrounded them since day one.… More

Beyond (S02E04) "Knock Knock"

In this episode,Holden(Burkely Duffield)realises he couldn’t live a normal life anymore and quit his job.Yellow Jacket(Peter Kelamis)killed his mentor,Holden’s mother(Rosy Rosemont)gets closer to Pastor Ian(Chad Willet)and Luke (Jonathan Whitesell)gets into trouble helping Riley(again!)

Willa and Holden Relationship
After “The Incident” at his workplace last episode,we see Holden(Burkely Duffield)go to Willa’s(Dilan Gwyn)place to treat the injury he thought he got from the incident(It was an injury sustained by Diego during a car crash which magically appeared on Hol0den too).When Willa(Dilan Gwyn) was cleaning the wound,Holden finally apologised for yelling at her for not telling him she was going to accept his invitation to come have dinner at his mom’s place.… More