Legion (S02E05) "Chapter 13"

Before we get too far into the review, I must say that I look forward to the dialogue our friendly neighborhood narrator (Jon Hamm) adds to the show. It’s almost like a breath of fresh air within the chaos, causing the viewer to pause and recollect themselves before careening back into the insanity.… More “Legion (S02E05) "Chapter 13"”

Supergirl (S02E05) “Crossfire”

A group of armed robbers carrying alien tech terrorize the city. Mon-El is getting ready to be a functioning member of society, and James makes a huge decision regarding his life.

Our new episode of Supergirl starts off with a very exuberant Kara and a more than slightly reluctant Mon-El, who is starting his first day of work at Catco!… More “Supergirl (S02E05) “Crossfire””

HTGAWM S02E05: Meet Bonnie


Lies always come out sooner or later!

Plot twists are just too much in it!


Empire S02E05: Be True

That is a lot of energy put out! 

Now they know!

Stay strong!  
That would be messed up!