S.W.A.T. (S02E07) – “Inheritance”


Patty Hurst Re-enactment

Loren Tucker, daughter of Richard Tucker, one of the richest men on earth. After a ploy to say they knocked his car, the kidnappers got in the flat and kidnapped both Loren and her boyfriend, Dillon.… More

The Bold Type (S02E07) “Betsy”

Hello everyone! Time for a little recap of the last episode of The Bold Type! I’m still confused after this one, I would never imagine the writers of TBT would come with things like that.… More

Legion (S02E07) “Chapter 15”

With Farouk always one step ahead, the delusions are taking over. Madness will get to them all in the end. No one is safe in this episode.

The Exorcist (S02E07) "Help Me"

Andy (John Cho) wake’s up to a beautiful morning. You can’t help but think that something is out of place. This isn’t reality, considering where we last left off in The Exorcist saga.… More