Midnight, Texas (S02E08) “Patience is a Virtue”

So I was wrong, last week was not the penultimate episode, this week was. In fact, it turns out that it’s not just the penultimate episode of the season, but of the series, as we have learned that this will be the last season of “Midnight, Texas.” I’m very sad, but you can’t say they’re not going all out with the end of the story.… More

The Bold Type (S02E08) “Plan B”

Hello TBT army! This week’s episode was so emotional, so intense, I can barely put in words my feelings. There’s no doubt we could comment a little about it.… More

Imposters (S02E8) “Phase Two Sucks”

Let’s talk about bringing back the good old times. Yes! Imposters had one fun episode last week. One episode that is what Imposters should always be: full of twist and turns, full of deception, full of fun.… More

Legion (S02E08) “Chapter 16”

In this episode the shadows are being exposed. Now is the time for enlightenment and action. The Shadow King will fall, one way or another.

Legends of Tomorrow (S02E08) “The Chicago Way”

The Legends are off to take on Al Capone, while a familiar face joins Damien and the Reverse Flash.

Our fall finale opens with a bunch of ominous looking men in trench coats carrying tommy guns meeting some familiar faces.… More