Manifest (S02E08) “Carry On”

The first episode of Manifest after it’s explosive mid-season finale was not one to miss and was arguably one of the best episodes of the show’s second season. After fans were left reeling from the potential death of Olive’s (Luna Blaise) new boyfriend TJ (Garrett Wareing), the two-week wait was well worth it.More “Manifest (S02E08) “Carry On””

Legion (S02E08) “Chapter 16”

In this episode the shadows are being exposed. Now is the time for enlightenment and action. The Shadow King will fall, one way or another.

Lucifer (S02E08) “Trip to Stabby Town” Review

Nothing like a run through the park to get your cardio in the morning but too bad for this runner she was being chased by some guy who ended up stabbing her to death. Dr. Martin is ready to see Lucifer again but now that she believes that he’s the Devil she has so many questions that the roles of their therapy sessions became somewhat reversed as Linda tried to wrap her mind around the whole divinity existing thing.… More “Lucifer (S02E08) “Trip to Stabby Town” Review”

Stitchers: (S02E08) “Red-Eye”

With new technology, things get easier but once you get to know it better you can further improve. 

With an airport situation going to a plane situation, a true tragedy took place. Twelve people lost their life because of one person, which is what keeps on happening in real life a lot of collateral damage.… More “Stitchers: (S02E08) “Red-Eye””