The Gifted (S02E10) “eneMy of My eneMy”

Wow! The Gifted came back stronger than ever this week, hitting us hard with emotional turmoil and some solid action. I finally feel as though we are now into the end game of the season.… More

S.W.A.T. (S02E10) “1000 JOULES”

One of our own is down

A seemingly uneventful night turns upside down when the LAPD Crime Lab is hit.… More

Salvation (S02E10) “Prisoners”


Zoe’s back

Zoe (Rachel Drance) returns home from Africa. Upon her arrival, Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) is met with a harrowing call.  Q17 leaves Grace with a threat to Zoe’s life.… More

Legion (S02E10) “Chapter 18”

There is no correlation between what is real and what is surely a living nightmare, the worlds seem to be melding together in a twisted way that only Legion is able to bring to life.… More

The Arrangement (S02E10) “Suite Revenge” [FINALE]


@CEvangelista In her wedding dress May 14 18 The Arrangement Finale 250x300 - The Arrangement (S02E10) "Suite Revenge" [FINALE]                                                                                  EDIT: @CEvangelista

The season finale titled “Suite Revenge” delivered  beyond our expectations and more.… More

The Exorcist (S02E10) "Unworthy"

The season finale of The Exorcist leaves no stone unturned. Even though we are given 10 short episodes, it’s enough to become invested in the story of this new family.… More

MacGyver (S02E10) "War Room + Ship"

Jack (George Eads) has decides to take matters into his own hands concerning the troublesome Elwood (Billy Baldwin). Someone wants him dead, but now that he is back in Riley’s life, Jack will go to any lengths to make sure she doesn’t suffer another unnecessary loss.… More