S.W.A.T. (S02E14) – “The B-Team”


Episode 14’s main story surrounds the guest stars – NFL LB Jamer Harrison Jr, Willie McGinest and NFL PF HOF Eric Dickerson – who play members of the LAFD for the charity competition vs LAPD.… More

MacGyver (S02E14) “Mardi Gras Beads + Chair”

One of Jack’s (George Eads) many undercover alias has garnered some unwanted attention. Someone is using his disabled identity and they must go to New Orleans to confront the formidable foe, and stop them before they do too much damage.… More

HTGAWM (S02E14): “There’s My Baby”

Review: Previously on HTGAWM, something bad happened. So much bad stuff. Bad stuff all arond. Westophe’s mom stabbed herself with a kitchen knife in front of Annalise, creepy Phillip creepily came out from under Westophe’s bed to attack Annalise and Westophe himself decided this was the perfect time to visit Eve in New York!