S.W.A.T. (S02E15) – “Fallen”


Episode 15 surrounds the motivated killings of LAPD Police Officers, events which pull the team in all directions. Also, it’s Vaneltines day and each team member has their own ‘special’ plans, and Deacon is having his baby this episode.… More

The Mick(S02E15)"The Juice"


Sabrina(Sofia Black D’Elia)brings home a girl named Alexis(Sophia Ali),a soccer goalkeeper for the USA amateur soccer team,who she claimed she was dating because she really likes her but Jimmy (Scott MacArthur) didn’t believe her,claiming she was dating Alexis(Sophia Ali)for the fame.… More

MacGyver (S02E15) "Murdoc + Handcuffs"

The monumental episode has finally graced our screens. We get double the trouble as the original Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) guest stars as Murdoc’s (David Dastmalchian) mentor of all things chaotic, Nicholas Helman.… More

HTGAWM (S02E15): “Anna Mae”

Review: Previously on HTGAWM, everyone’s a murderer! Except for Annalise, who everyone thinks is a murderer. Last week, a drunk Laurel told Annalise the truth about Lyla’s murder, both Caleb and creepy Phillip were missing, Wes found out Wallace Mahoney is his dad, Asher and Michaela banged in a club bathroom (yes, really) and Annalise showed up on her mom’s doorstep! 

Annalise: Needing an escape from it all after finding out Frank is the one who killed Lyla, Annalise has made it all the way to Tennessee to stay with her mother.More

Finding Carter S02E15: Rabbit, Run

 img 3210 - Finding Carter S02E15: Rabbit, Run  

img 3211 - Finding Carter S02E15: Rabbit, Run  img 3214 - Finding Carter S02E15: Rabbit, Run 
That is little words but a lot of emotions in less than 140 characters 😂 img 3217 - Finding Carter S02E15: Rabbit, Run  
Reputation kind of kills the show as well!… More