S.W.A.T. (S02E17) – “Jack”


With a building on previous episode events, “Jack” is the episode where Hondo (Shemar Moore) does everything in his power to save Darryl (Deshae Frost) and prevent him from being his dad and the title ‘Jack’ hints at the carjacking which is to take place throughout the episode.… More

Star (S02E17) “Mrs Rivera”

20180516 193218 280x300 - Star (S02E17) "Mrs Rivera"By the end of the show, Mrs Rivera, contemplates leaving for fear of  deportation of Mr Rivera 😍

But before then, Alex is talking to the paparazzi without Take3.More

Lucifer (S02E17) “Sympathy For The Goddess”

Lucifer, Amenadiel and Charlotte are in need of the final piece of the Flaming Sword. They use the human Charlotte’s client list and find a client who could help them by hooking them up with an ancient artifact.… More

Gotham: (S02E17) ‘Into the Woods’

After Jim got freed last episode by Falcon, he now decided to clear his name and after going to get a recording of the call to the cop who was killed he went to visit Nigma to ask for help.… More

Black-ish (S02E17): “Any Given Saturday”

Review: This week’s episode is all about Jack! Jack and his gift for basketball and his patented “Jack Attack!”. Being the only one of the Johnson kids not affected by the “Caucasian curse” of Bow’s father, Jack is the only kid out of the four who’s actually good at sports.More