Glitch (S03E01) “Mum”

Glitch is back with new Risen, claiming the life of the living. Something else is lurking in the shadows. Perhaps we will finally get answers.

Preacher (S03E01) “Angelville”

Preacher is back and it doesn't take long for chaos to unfold. Will Tulip rise from the dead? Anything is possible in this dark yet delightful world of mayhem.

UnREAL (S03E01) “Oath”

A new year brings a new season of the hit show UnREAL, and man does it knock it out of the park! We have come to expect intense drama, but we are also treated to some wonderful character growth. The season picks up where season 2 left off, with Quinn and Chet showcasing their new bachelorette to the head honcho.… More “UnREAL (S03E01) “Oath””

Lucifer (S02E014) “Candy MorningStar”

It may have been almost a year for us, but for Chloe it’s been 2 weeks since she and Lucifer got romantic, then he saved her life, then up and disappeared. Charlotte (a.k.a. The Goddess of All Creation) drowns her sorrows over her son’s abandonment with hot guys and booze and we see that Lucifer is making a deal giving a bag of money to some guy who hands him a mystery suitcase.… More “Lucifer (S02E014) “Candy MorningStar””

Black-ish (S03E01): "VIP"

Review: Welcome back! The season premiere takes us to Walt Disney World! Determined to give his kids a better experience at Disney World than he ever had on vacation as a kid,  Dre gives his family the first-class VIP experience by going all out.More “Black-ish (S03E01): "VIP"”