Bull (S03E03) “Excessive Force”

Tonight, Bull joins the political and social climate of anger, protest, family and community devastation, currently on the planet.  TAC represents one of the NYPD’s finest, in a shooting of an unarmed black man.More

UnREAL (S03E03) “Clarity”

Chivalry isn’t quite dead on this week’s UnREAL, as we are treated to a cheesy fairytale themed episode. This is ‘Everlasting’ though so there was no shortage of drama.… More

Killjoys (S03E03) "The Hullen Have Eyes"

Johnny is back but doesn’t get a warm welcome from the new boss of the RAC. She tries to threaten him into helping her rope in Dutch because (like Turin) she thinks Dutch has something to do with the disappearances of the RAC agents.… More

Madam Secretary: (S03E03) “South China Sea”


Like the episode title tells us, this one is all about the South China Sea and China’s continued infringement on several Asian countries’ sovereignty with their annexation of pieces of ‘land’ in the area. 

It starts with Henry still very much hung up on who is trying to attack the family.More

Black-ish (S03E03) “40 Acres and a Vote”

Review: Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Lawd, I needed that laugh. Ok, so this episode opens with Dre taking a “sick day” to pick the right song for his slide show of the Obama’s ventures while in the White House.More