UnREAL (S03E06) “Transference”

This week was both thrilling and heart breaking. We are sharply reminded that Quinn is willing to push anything for the right shot, regardless of whom it sacrifices. It was a little hard to watch her work her magic this time, as at least for me, it was dirty to try and manipulate someone sexuality against their preference.… More “UnREAL (S03E06) “Transference””

Lucifer (S03E06) "Vegas with Some Radish"

This episode gets a big and fat “A” from this reviewer. It is funny as always, Lucifer once again has some relation to the case of the week, it is incredibly Deckerstar (may I say I am on board of the Deckerstar Express) and also gives us background on some characters such as Ella and Candy, and also on some situations, like what happened when Lucifer fleed to Vegas after finding out Chloe was a Miracle.… More “Lucifer (S03E06) "Vegas with Some Radish"”