Preacher (S03E07) “Hilter”

Preacher, where secrets have deadly consequences and everyone is trying to kill each other. Just another day in Angelville.

Shooter (S03E07) – “Swing Vote”

are you ready bob lee?

After all that has happened so far this season, it’s now very personal. Bob Lee (Ryan Phillippe) has been uncovering truths about his father he dreamed of knowing, all to solve his murder.… More

Mr. Robot (S03E07) "eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk"

America in flames

Note: This post contains spoilers

At the end of the previous episode, “”, I think most viewers recoiled in horror at what had just unfolded – it was a moment of pathos, as we and our protagonists all realized our tunnel-vision concerning the true nature of Stage 2.… More

Killjoys (S03E07) "The Wolf You Feed"

Dutch and Zeph are having a girls’ night with Zeph finding memories in Khlyen’s remnant. D’avin and Johnny meanwhile are trying to operate their Hullen fleet ships but don’t have much luck when they go out of control killing two test pilots.… More

Madam Secretary: (S03E07) “Tectonic Shift”


This episode started with an adorable and then heart breaking look into Elizabeth’s past. 

We know her and her brother butt heads a lot because they’re both strong but very different personalities.More

The Strain (S03E07) “Collaborators”

Review: Warning, this review contains spoilers. After the final scene of “The Battle of Central Park” I was expecting to see a mega apocalyptic episode:  bloodbath on the streets, chaos, the city on fire, strigois everywhere…none of that happened.More