Bull (S03E10) “A Higher Law”

It’s a hit and run. Father Andy is the driver…or not! Its a case of “judge ye not by appearances” as a very bizarre yet fascinating case unravels, regarding confessions for the soul and the law of man.More

Killjoys (S03E10) "Wargasm"

First off let’s rejoice that Killjoys doesn’t just get 1 but 2 more seasons and is allowed to give closure to fans in Season 5!… More

The Strain (S03E10) “The Fall”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. Season finale arrived and it was EPIC! The Fall is an episode full of tension which will keep you glued to the screen till the very end; it turns the apocalyptic scenario even darker than it already is, and gives you one more reason to hate Zach.More