Shooter (S03E12) – “Patron Saint”


The penultimate episode of the Shooter franchise. The episode tried its best to summarize and somewhat tie off any loose ends to set up the Shooter finale.… More

HTGAWM (S03E12): “Go Cry Somewhere Else”

Review: Previously on htgawm, the K5 became the K4 (+ Oliver and Wes’s baby), Frank confessed to Wes’s murder but got charged as Annalise’s co-conspirator instead, and Meggy was acting as sketchy as everyone else.More

Z Nation (S03E12) “The Siege of Murphytown”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. In this episode we finally see the confrontation between Warren and Murphy! Although Warren’s personality has changed since the last time we saw her, she still is the voice of the reason, and Murphy, well, he still believes he’s right and that he’s giving people hope.More