UnREAL (S04E03) “Wild Card”

What an appropriate title from this point in the season! Read below for my review, but beware of spoilers!

This weeks focus shifts to Alexi and Jay, as shooting for the first episode of their show begins.… More

12 Monkeys (S04E03) 45 RPM

Spoilers ahead! Olivia discovers a way to make herself Primary while Cassie tries to kill her in the past.

Black Mirror (S04E03) "Crocodile"

In this instalment of the anthology series, we’re asked questions about the efficacy of surveillance-enhancing technology, while made witness to a chain of increasingly hectic murders that show how far one woman will go to keep her secrets. Crocodile is a good episode, but the technology is too lite for it to truly represent the ideal Black Mirror instalment.… More

The Last Ship (S04E03) "Bread and Circuses"

Last week’s episodic narrative comes to an end in the latest episode of The Last Ship. Whilst the format begins half focused on the Nathan James crew and half on Tom Chandler, by the end of the episode, Chandler is reunited with the crew, to both his and their surprise after his 16-month absence.


Vikings: (S04E03) “Mercy”

So much in so little time is what happens and has been happening in Vikings.

The show has the idea and I don’t say that they are not doing well but what the show is not able to do is to hold on to their story.… More