Bull (S04E04) “Her Own Two Feet”

Standing on “Her Own Two Feet” is the story of Sadie, her mental health and how far someone will go in caring for someone who is and will always be their child.

It’s a family affair, when Sadie Williams (Krys Marshall)  takes her dad, Gerald, (Rob Morgan) to court to rescind his power of attorney and regain her freedom.  More “Bull (S04E04) “Her Own Two Feet””

12 Monkeys (S04E04) “Legacy”

Spoilers ahead for episode 4 of 12 Monkeys. Cole and Team Splinter head into frontier days to find a weapon to kill the Witness.

Vikings: (S04E04) “Yol”

With the same divided attention to everywhere we haven’t been seeing too much of one side.

In France Rollo finally learns ‘French’ and his wife now loves him. 

In England the King has his own daughter in law as his mistress his son has the Queen of Murcia who also has the son of Ragnar that Ragnar doesn’t know about. … More “Vikings: (S04E04) “Yol””