Empire (S04E08) "Cupid Painted Blind"

I didn’t see anything in this episode to link the title, “Cupid Painted Blind”  so I watched it again. The most I could glean was, “3 blind mice” when Cookie describes her boys & the seriousness of understanding Triple D:

“Dangerous Diana Dubois”  continues her non stop, tactical assault on The Lyons in this episode; with this one being the cruelest of them all #smackdown #merciless  It is The Scarecrow in the land of her Oz and “if I only had a brain” #mind  

And so, I did look at it again & this episode was amaZing …and painful.More “Empire (S04E08) "Cupid Painted Blind"”

Vikings: (S04E08) ‘Portage’ 

After being high on Chinese drugs, his brain began working again and now he has this brilliant plan where he decided to carry the ship to the other side of the river. 

With Floki’s help and man he is a hell of an engineer they managed to get all the ships up on top of the cliff and now moving towards the other end.… More “Vikings: (S04E08) ‘Portage’ ”