New Girl (S05E16): “Helmet”

Review: When Sam wants Jess to meet his parents, she’s all for it. Until she has a sex dream about Nick in the football helmet her once gave her for Christmas. When she confides in Cece, CeCe assures Jess that the dream probably meant nothing and that she only had it because she’s getting more seriously involved with Sam.More “New Girl (S05E16): “Helmet””

Awkward: (S05E16) ‘Best Friends For Never’

Why has the show still be airing? It has lost it’s touch completely and they keep on playing the Matty Jenna card over and over again.

They played the card last time and now they can’t seem to find a good story and even though there is a jump in settings they just don’t have the attractiveness and the series just lacks the story.