The Campaign to #SaveScorpion

The Campaign to #SaveScorpion brings awareness on how to save Scorpion which got cancelled at CBS after 4 seasons. Fans are trying to bring it back to life.

Scorpion (S04E18) "Dork Day Afternoon"

Following Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby’s (Eddie Kaye Thomas) unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant and the subsequent negative results of their fertility test, this week’s Scorpion episode involved a race against time to get Toby from his house to the fertility clinic before his sample became inviable and hopefully artificially conceive a Quintis baby.… More “Scorpion (S04E18) "Dork Day Afternoon"”

Scorpion (S04E15) "Wave Goodbye"

Fans of ‘Quintis’ may have been forgiven for being a little worried after seeing the title and trailer for this episode. Other than the giant Tsunami heading towards the team, there was an obvious double entendre with this title, especially given the trailer showing Toby (Eddie Kay Thomas) getting a little too close to ex-fiancé Amy (Shantel VanSanten).… More “Scorpion (S04E15) "Wave Goodbye"”


img allshows scorpion s41122713765 - SCORPION  (S04E01)On the last season of Scorpion we finally saw Paige  and Walter become a couple after waiting for that moment to happen since the first day they met. The last episode from the previous season finally showed the team being rescued and their time on the island showed us different sides of the team members especially Walter and Sylvester.… More “SCORPION  (S04E01)”

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