Edwin Hodge of SIX on History

Edwin Hodge currently plays Navy SEAL, Robert Chase. Hodge talked to us about what to expect for season 2 starting Monday, May 28th.

Dear White People (S02E03) “Chapter III”

Episode 3 of Dear White People focuses on former journalist Lionel Higgins (DeRon Horton). This episode looks at the aftermath of The Independent’s demise and Lionel’s relationship with former editor, Silvio (D.J. Blickenstaff). Let’s go back a few weeks to the town hall meeting. Lionel has just exposed the plot to integrate Armstrong Parker and…

Jaylen Moore from SIX on History

Jaylen Moore currently stars as Navy SEAL Armin “Fishbait” on History Channel’s hit show SIX. He took time out to give us a little peek into the upcoming season.

Interview with Eric Ladin from SIX on History

Joining the cast of History Channel’s SIX, Eric Ladin will be portraying new team member Trevor Wozniak. Ladin took time out of his schedule to give us some insight as we head into Season 2.

X Company (S02E02) “Night Will End”

X Company (S02E02) Night Will End X Company: Night Will End, picked up exactly where last week’s episode left off with Alfred (Jack Laskey) being thrown into a cell with the very much alive though not terribly well Renee (Francois Arnaud) who was thought to have been killed at the end of season 1, and…

Dear White People (S01E02) “Chapter II”

Episode two of Dear White People focuses on Reggie Green (Marque Richardson). Three weeks ago Reggie stared down the barrel of a campus police officer’s gun. He had an altercation with a white student at a house party. This stunt was a wake up call for many of the students who had thought racism was…

Riverdale (S02E21) “Judgement Night”

Riverdale delivers a packing performance yet again in this week’s episode. Episodes like these are what initially drew me to watch the show. The portrayal of the story line in this episode was beyond outstanding. The actors really outdid themselves in this episode which makes me quite eager to see what they have in store…