After Life Season 2 Review

A review of the second season of Ricky Gervais' show After Life, where we continue to follow the life of Tony who is mourning the death of his wife.

Killing Eve Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of Killing Eve begins with the aftermath of Eve stabbing Villanelle in her Paris apartment. Eve deals with PTSD effects from her actions and as the season unravels, so does Eve.

A.P. Bio (S02E09) “Dr. Whoopise”

As Jack tries to redeem himself after an accident that went viral. Also, will Helen and the teacher find out who the sugar daddy is? Here’s a recap!

A.P. Bio (S02E07) “Personal Everest”

When the school gets a motivation speaker, it so happens to be a former high school bully of Jack’s. Can Jack stop him from spreading lies or will he get revenge on him? Here’s a recap!