Silent Witness Season One

How many times does a TV series comes across you have never heard and found it amazing?  This summer I came across one show that aired 23 years ago.

FBI Season 1

It was one of the top new television shows of this past season; CBS’s FBI is one of the best shows on the network with good character development and compelling stories. But at the end of the day, it only serves as a television drama snack of a show.… More “FBI Season 1”

Adrienne Gang, The first Chief Stew on Bravo's BelowDeck, Season 1.

They were not there to do their jobs and I was. They came with the intention to party and get laid. I didn’t. It was a complete conflict of interest. It doesn’t matter that they wanted to screw off, we still had a job to do. I made them do it and they hated me for it.