Shameless (S07E10) “Ride or Die”

Was this Cameron Monaghan’s last episode on Shameless? Well, condolences to all the Ian Gallagher stans but this in fact maybe true. As the show might be coming to an end soon (well maybe not), contracts are expiring and rumor has it Cameron (and Emmy Russom too) weren’t willing to renew their contracts for another season.… More “Shameless (S07E10) “Ride or Die””

Shameless (S07E01) "Hiraeth"

Review: Showtime’s Dramedy Shameless returned for its seventh season last Sunday, making it the second season of the show to air in 2016. Although  Shameless isn’t as cleverly written as it  was during its earlier seasons, the shows still possesses many of its ‘unique elements’ which made the show so great in the first place.… More “Shameless (S07E01) "Hiraeth"”