Alien: Resurrection


Many fans of the Alien Franchise looked at Alien 3 as the abomination of the series. That’s probably the Newt-Hicks-Bishop fanboys talking…and I should know, I was one of them.… More “Alien: Resurrection”

Alien 3


My previous nostalgic reviews were about movies and shows that I loved when I was younger.  I thought it would be a nice change to tackle a film that I absolutely hated…Alien 3.More “Alien 3”

Alien (1979)

Alien was the film that launched the career of Sigourney Weaver, Scott and a thousand face huggers. Beyond its legendary reputation was a truly great film. Alien is a brilliant atmospheric science fiction horror film that terrifies on several levels.… More “Alien (1979)”

Ghostbusters (2016)

So like I’ve said before; there are remakes/reboots that are bad and there are remakes/reboots that are good. Well I’m here to say that this film which is a remake and a female cast and the whole world went ape-shit over it well I will get to that in a bit but for now lets get to the movie review of Ghostbusters!… More “Ghostbusters (2016)”