Dark Matter (S03E01/02) “Being Better Is So Much Harder”/”It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This” Season Premiere

In the season premiere of Dark Matter, it felt like a fast train of a premiere.

In the Part One, “Being Better Is So Much Harder”, the episode picks off from right where the season finale left, everyone is scrammed and safe while Four has the disk drive.… More “Dark Matter (S03E01/02) “Being Better Is So Much Harder”/”It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This” Season Premiere”

The Expanse (S02E04) “Godspeed”

The amazing and pitch-perfect pace continues. This episode should, and I imagine WILL, win technical awards for the absolutely stunning FX. A great deal of the ability to immerse yourself in a show is dependent on excellent, clean direction and believable special effects. The entire complement of people making this show are completely dedicated professionals. The actors have true fidelity to their characters. This show is based on a series of books with enormous scope and it is evident in the rich tapestry of relationships, politics and technical believability woven into the episodes. Whether you have read the books or not, you are immersed in a very similar experience, likely due to the deep involvement of the creators of the books, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (writing under James SA Corey). It's hard to believe we are only four episodes into the second season. An additional aspect to the show that I love is the parallels in character motivation. In this episode, we saw Avasarala make a decision about releasing information, which parallels Holden's original decision. We see Holden make a decision to destroy the Marasmus, and innocent people, for the greater good, which parallel's Miller's decision to kill Dresden (not for revenge, but to protect people). It adds layers to the show for people who pay close attention.