IT Chapter Two (2019)

Alright guys and gals we have a really good review for all of you today. It’s a movie review to a wonderful and horrifyingly fantastic film that was first written as a book but turned into a film for its second time in film history we have IT Chapter Two.… More

Mr. Mercedes(S02E06) “Proximity”

So in tonight’s episode we had a bit of crazy stuff happen and we had a lot of things happen and I have a feeling that Brady might get rid of another puppet soon, but lets get into the review!… More

Mr. Mercedes(S02E05) “Andale”

Okay guys we had another great episode delivered to us today, and it had a lot of interesting moment, I won’t touch on all of them but I will try to touch on most of them.… More

Mr. Mercedes (S02E01) “Missed You”

Welcome back everybody to another look at an amazing season for our television show Mr. Mercedes; if you haven’t read the books I’m sure the episode probably made you question “what was going on” a whole lot especially since this is the second season.… More

Mr. Mercedes (S01E08) "From the Ashes"

With only two episodes left of the season its becoming clear that this is the series that we need continued! This series is gold, it is absolute greatness, it is the money holder for Stephen King to have success for his source material as television series’s.… More

Mr.Mercedes (S01E06) "People in the Rain"

With this being the sixth episode, I gotta say that this episode really  did a great job by focusing on both Deborah (Kelly Lynch) and Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) on certain things that they have done in their past.… More